Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Event #2
            I attended the Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear exhibit at the LACMA Museum where I explored the cultural changes of men’s fashion from 1715 to 2015. This unique exhibit was very well done and had multiple mannequins representing each era by modeling the clothing trends that existed at that particular time. This exhibit took me on a journey throughout time as I closely observed all of the various unique items of clothing. I really enjoyed this exhibit because it gave me a different insight into the cultures of the past. By looking at the different mannequins side by side I was able to observe the changes that occurred from one era to the next. Not only this, but looking at the outfits gave me a perspective of the historic events that occurred at this time in history. For instance, one of the outfits clearly reflected WWII without having anything on it that specifically portrayed this.
            This exhibit is relevant to what we are studying in this course because as a whole it illustrates all of the different cultures that have existed throughout time. It shows how there are many different cultures in this world and that they are constantly changing and evolving. Another very interesting aspect of this exhibit is that by observing all of the various outfits I came to understand that the different cultures are influenced by the events in history and that they in turn influence the people living during that time. Culture shapes individuals and morphs them into society. This is a common theme, which we have been learning throughout all of our weekly lessons—culture plays a huge role in our daily lives. This exhibit is also relevant to this class because fashion is a form of art and it is very unique to each person, place, and activity. Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear specifically relates to the topic of “Two Cultures,” which we discussed in week one. Fashion is a representation of culture that is reflected through every person every minute of the day. It is an easy form of culture to observe and understand and helps diverge the two main forms of culture—art and science— into one because it relates the art of style with the science of production.

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