Monday, May 2, 2016

On April 14 I attended “Poetry: The Kinetics—Black Mountain College’s Literary Descendants” at the Hammer Museum. There were three men and one woman on the board who discussed the history of Black Mountain College as well as its lasting effects. Black Mountain College was founded in North Carolina and was the first of its kind. It was an art college that placed an emphasis on what was made rather than just the process of learning. Not only was the school’s ideology different, but their student population was extremely diverse, altogether making it very unique. The school was born out of a protest and eventually developed into representing a fusion of American pragmatism. There was a lot of creativity being exercised throughout the institution and this helped grow and spread the arts.

At this time in history there was not a strong emphasis on the arts, as people were more focused on math and science. The emergence of Black Mountain College is significant because it brought attention to arts and literature and allowed people with these talents to pursue their passions. From this environment, which stressed creativity, people were able to help connect the path of art with math and science. This relates to what we have previously learned about how separate these two areas of study are. Black Mountain College brought more awareness to the arts, altogether helping merge the two fields because they were able to find connections between the two. Altogether, this information is relevant to the course because it illuminates the importance of culture, which exists behind the arts.

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